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Cosine This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

Nicki N., San Diego, CA By littletipoftheshoelace, San Diego, CA

I stare at the black-and-white page. Row after row of problems line the worksheet, front and back. Sin, cos, tan are everywhere. In second period, it seems like all my classmates are gobbling up sin(x + y) and half of the lowering powers formula while juggling sum-to-product formulas like they could do it in their sleep.

I feel like I'm reading a foreign language. A foreign language that hasn't been invented yet.

I used to like math. I used to like numbers, the way they fit together so perfectly in all those definite formulas. I liked algebra too. Most people say they were fine with math until the alphabet got mixed in, but I liked it even more. I was good at it. I enjoyed the triumph of finding x, of simplifying y. I got it.

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