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The Religious Narcissist

By lenathetiger, Columbia, MD

I've observed that following a religion leads to a great deal of narcissism. When a person refers to one book, or one thing that seems to be specifically about him or for him, the person begins to look at the world with a very concentrated eye. This eye gives this person a very small view, then. Everything that this person does, mundane or not is dictated by religion. The person then begins to internalize that he is doing everything right and other people - ones that do not live like this - are doing most things wrong.
Because this religion is the only thing leading this persons life, those that are not followers seem bad. And so the person believe's he and people like him are good.
How, then, can other people be bad while this person is good, and he not be "better" than the others?

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Actually, I've met the most humble people who are Christians, and also those who are atheists. You don't have to believe your are BETTER than someone else in order to believe in your faith. It's just different. And different does not mean better or worse, it means DIFFERENT but equal. How do you compare two separate things? For example, a Christian who claims to be a Christian but murders someone is probably less than a Christian who saves someone from committing suicide. You see the difference?
Feb. 02, 2013 at 1:15 PM • Report