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Poem of Life

By GravityMcFalls, Katy, TX

If life was so simple,
We’d all be smiling with a cute little dimple.
But life isn’t easy,
And things can seem cheesy.
Smile no matter what you think,
To those who wear a true smile give them a wink.
Twinkle twinkle little star,
Life can be happy, sad, weird, and bizarre.
Waves will crash on the sand,
And lies will be told hand in hand,
That I hope you may understand.
For every time you say “and”,
From my head pull a hair strand.
While tobyMac rocks those raps,
Maybe you can pull out those mind puzzling maps.
Rise above all that is wrong,
In your heart, mind, and soul must you stay strong,
Life is endless, life is long,

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