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Not a Kid, Not an Adult, Just Useless

By RoseAndThorn, Mena, AR

The school year has ended, and teenagers everywhere are poring out of the schools. Perhaps they are off to start a summer job? Perhaps their families are going on vacation? Perhaps they have great plans to visit colleges, take summer classes, or even get a foothold in the world of business? I look upon my peers, and I think not. Perhaps some of us will have a decent summer in this American society, but I know many of us will not. I know this of many of my peers as well as I know it for myself. We will accomplish nothing this summer, and it is for one simple reason. We are teenagers. We are no longer small children that are handed everything to us, and we are not adults that might be capable of something; no, in this society, we are just useless.

Perhaps I should introduce the life of an average teenager.

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