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Joseph, Can You Hear Me?

June 4, 2012

By GretaGibson, vancouver, Canada

The light was too bright. I raised my right arm to cover my eyes. Where was I; and more importantly: why wasn’t I at work? My wife, Lucy, and I are short on money and I can’t afford to get fired.

My eyes adjusted. I moved my arm, feeling something, that felt like it was attached to me, move as well. There was an IV attached to my vein. “Think back Joe. Think back”

Sparks flying from metal on metal. A girl stops to take a picture. I act like I don’t notice. I’m working on the construction site, at the base. My hard hat’s on, my headphones to block out sound are in. I’m doing my job.

Then it goes black, and I’m in a hospital.

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