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The Hunger Games Parody Part two

By Claire_baller, Platteville, WI

Haymitch: (walks into room, Vomits)

Effie: Like WTF!

Katniss/Peta: Heeey

Haymitch: Heyyy, my bad.

Katniss: You smell like crap.

Petea: (Looks at Katniss) You smell pretty!

Effie: Clean that up! I am not going to smell that all the way to the capitol!

Haymitch: Whatever… whinny mofo…. (walks away)

(Breakfast next mourning on train)

Katniss: So… (looks at Haymitch) are you ganna help us get ppls to like us so we don’t die?

Haymitch: Nahhh.

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