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Richest Unforgettable Words

Sarah P., Moorpark, CA By InfinityandBeyond01, n/a, CA

"Can't you hear the soothing whispers the wind tells you? Or the hummingbirds lullaby? What about the sun's precious greeting? Have you ever felt the butterflies wings brushing away your troubles?" I close my eyes waiting for your words to appear. As I do that, You continue with your beautiful sights of the world."And couldn't you hear the leaves rustling sweet memories to you? Or the flowers charming compliments? Can you see the great blue sky admiring you from up above? Do you hear the people's joyful laugh that consumes the air we breathe?" You always knew patience wasn't my specialty , so as I sit here with you. Hand in hand, my eyes closed and trying so hard not to be impatient but my oh my does your words sound tasteful. I want to see, feel, hear and touch each and everyone of them.

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