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Finally Dying

Anna J., Brunswick, OH By Apollo77, Brunswick, OH

The night was as dark and as cold as any winter evening, though it was the height of summer. That being said, why I should go walking at night when it is freezing cold, I had not a clue. I felt compelled by much those days, which was strange, because I was a person of very little excitement. I used to be a teacher. I never had a wife and never had a child, and my family died at least twenty years ago. I wouldn’t know how long it has been, to say the truth; I stopped counting when I stopped caring, which was at lest twenty years ago.

I was not a heartless person, though, and I never would consider myself cruel; I was a teacher after all. My students loved me because I never gave homework. I just never saw death and missed possibilities as the bad things that the world accepts them as; to say the truth I almost envied those who didn’t have to deal with the frustrations of life.

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