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Regrets of the Journey to College

Annie Y., Moraga, CA By simpleandtrue, Moraga, CA

Last Friday, I graduated. Looking back, I realized that I sacrificed too many things to get into a good college and excel high school. If you are an underclassmen or junior right now, I hope you read on. If I were in your shoes, I would have strived in high school differently. There are so many sacrifices we make to achieve entrance into our dream school, pride from our parents, and the diploma that in the end is just one scrap of paper. Here's a list of my regrets:

1) I wish I did not sacrifice my body so much for academic success. After sitting in my study room for hours each day, I have developed back problems. Wherever I go, people tell me that I look camel-like. Today, my back is sore all over and my neck is bent in a different way than most others due to the position that I sat in when studying.

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