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Two Straws

By Kyle.Hughes, Las Vegas, NV

(Lights come on and the students are in a classroom, restless as Mr. Minus is trying to explain his lesson. Kendra and Katelynn will immediately raise their hand every time Mr. Minus paused. Kate and Annie are completely oblivious to everyone else and are putting on make-up and reading fashion magazines. Everyone else seems bored. Every now and then Joseph tries to look over at Veronica, and Veronica tries to look over at Joseph, but they alternate looking. They don't look at the same time, and the other doesn't seem to notice they're looking at them.)
-Mr. Minus: So, (pause) just subtract eight from both sides (pause) and you should get (Kendra and Katelynn both have their hands up. He looks around at everyone else, and then sighs) Kendra?
-Kendra: Twenty-three!

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1 comment(s)
This was really funny! Sometimes I feel like this is exactly what school is every day.
Mar. 19, 2014 at 6:05 PM • Report