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Women in War

By noblenic, Interlochen, MI

N: The horn still rings in my ears as I leave the base’s docks. My little black high heels always get caught in the grates as I leave the dock, but all of the other women are dressed so nicely that I have to show something off. I look down and see Mathew by my side, clinging like a piece of lint. We get to the top of the small road that leads down to the water. His four year old height is abnormally small so I lift him up and let him see his father take off. The ship is grey and larger than anyone I have ever seen. My husband is on board as a weapons technician, third class of course. He waves from the edge of the rail and blows us a kiss.
Mathew: “Mommy, can we get some ice cream?”
N: It is tradition that we go get Sailor’s Blue from Judson's Ice Cream Parlor after we leave the dock. Whether it is after James has left or has returned.

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