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By alex77, Sofia, Bulgaria

Hair! This is the best musical ever to be created! How can people nowadays rate “High School Musical” and the sort 5 stars when they’re simply another Disney Projection playing tribute to true love of first sight and friendship. I’ve got to admit that I have watched them all: American, Mexican, Spanish and the rest, and I was fond of the story. I even wasted a couple of days daydreaming this meet-at-a-party/fall-in-love/sing-on-stage scenario. It grew on me like fungi on a humid sponge. I get to be a slushy teenage girl from time to time, too, especially when my vivid dreams have had something to do with it!

When the movie began with the “Aquarius” song, I thought to myself wtf? Why am I watching this? At first it made no sense, like almost every musical. The singing and the horse riding and that guy who popped out of nowhere in downtown.

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