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Terror in the Night

June 21, 2012

By primepower, North Andover, MA

The car sped along the winding dirt road, kicking up dust as it drove along. Finally, the tires screeched to a sudden halt. The driver did not leave the car; he simply looked at his reflection. He ran his fingers along the network of scars up and down his body, feeling each bump and bruise meticulously. His emerald eyes pierced the night with uncanny vision. His hair looked as if it was made of sand patted down on his head.

A blur of motion sliced his tires swiftly. The man smiled to himself.

"They're here."

The driver exited his car to see a woman with elegant curves throughout her body. She stood tall, displaying her perfect hourglass figure. Her hair was jet black and smooth and draped down at her shoulders.

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