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"Hey Boo."

By musicluvr3, San Diego, CA

What do you think of when it comes to Halloween? Candy? Costumes, perhaps? One of the biggest things about Halloween is the scariness. Halloween never used to be scary in my old town of Maycomb. The children never really celebrated it. But the one time that someone tried to change that tradition.... Well, that’s when Halloween got scary.

I’m Arthur Radley. Some call me Boo, some think I’m dead, some think I’m insane, and some are too scared to talk about me. I should be so lucky. I know everything that happens, and has happened in the dismal town of Maycomb, which I have the misfortune of living in. I know about every summer that that over-imaginative boy came to visit his Aunt Rachel. I know about when the schools changed to the Dewey Decimal system. I know about the time it snowed, and those neighbor kids made a black snowman.

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