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Little One

Diana R., National City, CA By yournamehere, Reston, VA

You turn from sweet to sour in an instant.
You make a mess and expect other people to clean it up for you.
Your offered things but just to be defiant you want something else.
You don't always have to finish your dinner.
If even the smallest thing happens you can say it hurt you and everyone will feel sorry for you.
If you want something you are given it.
You can act like a complete brat almost all the time and do something bad but yet people still take your side and you get away with it.
If I act sour I am called a brat with an attitude.
If I make a mess then it is my responsibility to pick it up.
I don't get offered many things anymore but when I do I take them and am thankful.
If I don't finish my dinner, for what whatever reason I am thought to have something wrong with me and am forced to finish.

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