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Peasant: A parody

By Genya, Bridgewater, NJ

Amber drunk eyes, and speckled skin. His arms poked from the stranger’s extra-terrestrial bag.
Where were the X-files?
He let me confiscate and search his bag. I noticed this guy, he
Was bleeding over my shoes
Yup, there’s the evidence.
There’s a peasant, delicious malt ball to the heart, and I thought
“What are you doing with this?!”
The peasant must have died in a rainbow,
Cause damn, he was colorful.
And he had a feather in his hat.
It reminded me of my brother, who died
Shot in a back alley of L.A.
Except that it was Disneyland
And he wasn’t shot, someone just ran over him
In a golf cart?
Kids are stupid.
So, I looked at this guy with a poor person sticking from his

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