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Eye of the Eagle

By Kilikilakia2012, St. Helens, OR

"Where is he?" I demanded, rushing into the room. My eyes darted around. I saw him in the back. We'd always sit in the back. He liked it that way. I made my way over to him, stumbling over chairs until I stodd right in front of him. I looked into his eyes. They were so brown and soft. I felt like pulling him to his feet and wrapping my arms around him. But I couldn't. Never again.

"I'm sorry." I almost whispered the words, tears began to run down my cheeks. He looked so confused, and hurt. I didn't want to hurt him. But i had to do what must be done. He reached his hand out to brush the tears from my face. My hand shot up and grabbed his wrist before he could touch me. He looked so hurt. I shook.

Suddenly he was holding me as I cried telling me it's okay and rubbing my back.

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