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The Pretty Pill

By AriShine, Norcross, GA

I think this is the fourth or fifth club we've hit tonight, but I don't remember how long we've been here. I am consumed by strobe lights and the rumble of bass, and the air is heavy with perspiration and perfume. Losing myself, reality becomes just flashes and dream-like blurs. A pair of eyes. Whipping hair. A sequin dress.

We are wild. We are young.

And we are gorgeous.

They're calling this the Image Era. All over the world, the priority is having a good time. Yeah, you have to work during the day, but come sundown, it's time to party. My motto is: just live for the thrill, and everything else will follow. Sure enough, there are some "anti-hedonist" groups saying the world is being wasted, blah, blah, blah.

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