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I'm A Fool, Such A Fool

Alexis M., Memphis, TN By ignorance_is_bliss, Memphis, TN

The love I never thought true is given by you
You love me so, and you want me to know
That you have a plan, and its there in your hand
The plans aren't to hurt me, and of course, one day I'll see
How much of a fool I was, such a fool
Drowning in the pool, oh the pool
Of the ever-forsaking world
Ya, I'm a misfit, sure I'm a nitwit
But I have a purpose, and I gotta learn it.
The answer is not hate, that's not my fate
My purpose is through you, only then, is is true
But your enemy says, Yup, of course its okay
Slay yourself in vein
Cause yourself so much pain.
Abandon the One who loves you
And anyone else who does too
Just you against the world
Here's the knife, go ahead

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