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Sneha C., Noida, India By SnehaChatterjee, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, India

I was nine when I met with a happy accident. Words came raining out of my eyes that became diseased with a new hobby. Nobody was interested in opening my notebook to read my mind. I didn't care. For the first time in my life, gateways to a mysterious paradise opened. I owned it.

While all the other girls of my age spent all their time dressing their Barbie dolls, I spent my entire childhood in solving the huge jigsaw puzzle of Shakespeare. Life was complete. I went mad in great joy. I was the weirdest girl in my class; the center of jokes. I was bullied but I really didn't care because I was too busy combing my teddy bears of poetry.

One fine day I got published in a magazine. And suddenly my notebook stuffed with poems became visible to all. Everyone was surprised. We celebrated happily.

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