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so here's that poem you wanted

Paige B., Baldwinsville, NY By paigey669, Baldwinsville, NY

To be honest,
I wanna see you happy.
Just not with other girls.
And to be honest,
You look good,
especially with your glasses on.
To be honest,
I still want you.
I want you to hold me close.
But to be honest,
I want you to get fixed.
I want you to smile.
And to be honest,
Seeing you smile would make me cry.
Hearing your laugh would make me happy.
To be honest
Your attitude has changed,
I Frankly don’t like it.
To be honest,
I’m always going to have those feeling,
They won’t go away.
But to be honest,
I just wanted to say,
I wish things were the same.

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