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Singer Jasmine V

By TheJust, Ellenton, FL

Jasmine V released her first Mixtape, S(he) Be(li)ve(d), in 2011. She worked alongside Microsoft to create an interactive music video for her single, “Just a Friend.” She has performed alongside Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas, and has worked with Damon Dash. Currently, Jasmine is working on a new album.

I was recently given the opportunity to interview Jasmine V for Teen Ink.

Rachel – Tell us a little about yourself.

Jasmine V – Well, my name is Jasmine. I am an 18 year old recording artist. I started singing professionally at the age of 11. Ever since [then], I have been pursuing the music industry and I've just been doing everything, basically, on my own; just me, my manager and my family.

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