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The Terrible Life Story of Five Chickens

By Hibiscus, Milwaukee, WI

It’s over. They’re dead.

There were five of them. Five little chicks conceived for a sole reason: to die. There were born to die.

Dolly, Dolores, Donald, Dwight, and Dilly were quintets, whose parents will always remain unknown. They first breathed in the fresh air of the earth when the first birds of spring chirped. Out of their eggs, they cracked. After several minutes of struggling in their egg-shell cage, they popped out, and stood in the midst of multitudes. Surrounded by millions of chickens just like them, they never saw the sun, nor the farmer who was paid for the mass murder of them all.

After they were deemed appropriate (or so obese that they couldn’t even support their enormous thighs and breasts), they were sent to the slaughter house.

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1 comment(s)
This is a good article, and it's written well, but I think you went a bit over the top. I mean, yeah, it's a bad situation. But it's neccesary to survive. We eat these animals for a reason. It's not like we're doing it just to torture them in cold blood... Just my opinion, I guess, but still. A little extreme  
Oct. 19, 2012 at 3:29 PM • Report