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Boy Genius

By GeeGi, Park City, UT

I walk through the halls, clutching my books to my chest. I know that with one shove, the neanderthals towering over me can send me sprawling under the feet of others, who will trample me without a second thought. My intelligent mind will not help me in the survival of high school. I almost regret having it.

I slide through the crowd, inching my way closer to my locker. I was unfortunate enough to get a locker in the middle of the column of three. I am still able to open it, but I can’t see what I’m grabbing. I feel around for my algebra book and pull it out. I close my locker and go to my algebra class.

Sitting there in my desk, while the teacher rambles on about how to find x. I sit quietly, hoping no one will notice me.

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