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Dear Truth

By liveincolor, Gainesville, FL

Dear Truth,
Forgive me; I’ve traded you for happiness.
I traded you for those translucent sap green wings that took me higher than the depths of sky, and sapphire waves of desire numbed all strands of common sense.
I traded you for laughter that trickled down my vocal chords, and flipped my stomach inside out until spun, and then the butterfly cocoons burst into technicolor, lifting my heart into the clouds, and thundered music in my eardrums.
I traded you for singing seashells that murmured pearly nothings and my eyelashes followed gravity, while sunshine breezes traced the silhouette of my body onto the sandy shadows of freedom.
I traded you for kisses, like warm, velvet dewdrops on petals and the crisp, salty air on the gulf shore where seagulls cry teardrops of echoes and sea foam resembles cream cheese icing on strawberry cupcakes.

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