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The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

By AaronSan, Reno, NV

To this day, many people struggle with poverty. A lot of people do not appreciate the things that they own. The memoir that Jeannette Walls wrote makes you think about how lucky you are just to have a safe home and some food to eat. The memoir that she wrote is her life story about how she grew up in poverty, usually sleeping in the family car or a destroyed home. Jeannette Walls is one of four kids and she has both a mother and father.
This memoir shows you a corrupt family with two helpless parents, the mom who is very lazy and just worries about painting instead of worrying about what her kids are going to eat. The father is a drunk who spent all of his time drinking and smoking. He couldn’t even keep a job for that long either. Also the family never had a stable home they kept moving around, and when they did stay somewhere for a few years which was a town called Welch in West Virginia the house they lived in that was very run down.

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