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Emulating Zora Neal Hurston: Dat Bright Young Thing

By Trixie.B.Rose, Boulder, CO

Some dreams dem come wit de ships, others dem come wit the tide. Bright young thing, she traveled along, searchin’ for dem dreams in de trees and horizon. Happiness seemed ta her Nanny a marryi’ young. But dat bright young thing she had dreams of her own, ain’t no one seemed ta care nothin at all.
Dat mule farmer dat married her first, only treated her lak glass. But dat bright young thing she had backbone, ain’t lak she got no sass.
Dose dreams she searched for she think had died, tryin’ ta be dat woman everyone wanted from her. Dat becomin’ a woman meant the killin’ of dreams.
But den a man wit a mouth de width of his face came a suanterin’ on and showed her a different horizon. Dat bright young thing she forgot about dat stump, and went a wit dat man far yonder.

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