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By so_joy, Navesink, NJ

If a dog meows,
Is it considered a cat?
If a tree's leaves turn red,
Is it considered autumn?
If a light blinks rapidly,
Is considered to be on?
If a poet writes music,
Is he considered a songwriter?
If someone bangs on a door,
Is it considered knocking?
If, if, if.
If I stop this right here,
Is it considered rude?
If, if, if.
If a watermelon's orange,
Is it considered a cantaloupe?
If, if, if.
If only so many things,
So many wonders,
Can fit into a sentence-
If, if, if.
If friends have a fight,
Are they considered enemies?
Does it matter how they feel?
Or is it just how they're labeled?
If, if, if.
A name is nothing.
If, if, if.
If what's there is truly real.
And if this poem doesn't make any sense,
Then it's a work of art.

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