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On the Beach- Copy Change after Billy Collin's 'On Turning Ten"

By AnnonymousGirl, Solon, OH

The whole idea of it makes me feel as if my
Brain has become empty, full of nothingness.
All my thoughts have seeped out, and are now
Drifting up towards the heavens
My stress has evaporated into thin air
My sadness has been absorbed by the soft as cotton sand beneath my feet
My frustration has been swept out to sea by the incoming tide

You tell me I would never want to live on the beach,
But that’s the farthest thing from the truth.
I would be so blissfully happy living out the rest of my days
Just laying in that beautiful sand, drinking up the sun as if it
Was the most delicious thing on earth,
Inhaling that salty sea air,

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