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Teenage Evaluation

By OrenK, Flushing, NY

The teenage mind works in ways that are incomprehensible. It feeds not off of information or that vital to our sanity, but rather the erratic powers of emotion. It hibernates after the fuzzy feel of safety. The structure we desire to the bone. It drives many kids into what they believe is depression. Yes, we tend to exaggerate as to where we are emotionally. However, it is one thing I have yet to understand about how us teenagers work. We look for shelter, and we perform acts that cause us to be left out alone to face the elements of earth. We all seek a perfect codependence, and for those that claim they seek independence are simply blind to the fact that it is impossible to live in such a world alone. Peruse the world and its negatives alone, then peruse the world and its positives together.

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