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By HaleyD15, Simsbury, CT

“Tell me about this one”
He said as he pointed to my arm
I looked at a puffy line across my elbow
I smiled and shook my head,
“Stupid accent, pushed into a door”
He stared and I stared back
“Show me one of yours”
He points at his hand
And a gash lays across it
Like a half moon
“Put my hand on a blade”
Then he suddenly looks up
Lifts his hand and points his index finger
To the left of my chest, straight to my heart
“Tell me about that scar”
But I’m confused, I’m silent for a second
What does he want to know?
I laugh
“There’s no scar there”
I say
He replies
“I know you’ve been hurt, you can see it in your eyes”

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