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Unfinished Business

By Aaroshi, Fremont, CA

The café was brightly lit and had a cheerful, welcoming glow. Couples and families could be seen through the windows, and their laughs were genuine and pure. I used to love everything about Peter’s Café: the coffee, the food, the workers, and most of all, the customers. Everyone was always happy. This place was like a haven that people came to in order to escape their troubles. I used to be one of those people. However now, I can’t even bring myself to step inside. I didn’t want to deal with the memories again. They haunted me.

It’s hard when you lose someone who meant the world to you. It’s even harder when things ended on the wrong foot, and you never got any closure. What haunts me the most to this day, is all the things I never got to tell her.

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