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Things Your Teachers Never Taught You

By Oelania P, Brooklyn, NY

Things Your Teachers Never Taught You

I find the life’s greatest lessons and values don’t come from school books, but from within oneself. One of my most important values actually came from a part of a song lyric. “You will know heartache, prayers that don’t work, and times on bitter circumstances, but I still believe in second chances.” To me, this means that no matter how bad my past is, I shouldn’t give up on the future. If I get a second chance to make things right, I should always try to. I have made many mistakes in the past and done so many things I wish I could take back or do-over. I always wish that life were easy and had a rewind button, or every time I mess up I could just say “Hey! I want a do-over!” and magically, that last moment would be gone and I could fix my mistakes without worrying about any consequence.

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