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Homeless This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By elizamc83, Concord, MA

The man’s expression was as icy and bitter as the air itself, as though the stormy sky was reflecting his dark mood. As he leaned against the cold, unforgiving brick wall, he attempted once more to warm his hands in the pockets of his windbreaker, yielding no luck. With one of his slipper-clad feet, he adjusted the battered cardboard sign propped up against his knees. In a slanted scrawl, the sign read: Homeless and hungry, your kindness is much appreciated. The man had yet to appreciate much in the way of kindness, however, for the paper McDonald’s cup in front of him had remained mostly empty for the past....he didn’t know how long. Weeks, probably, maybe even a month. Then again, New Yorkers aren’t exactly known for their charm and generosity. He should know. How many times, back then, had he strolled by similar beggars without a second glance?

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