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Deep-space Delivery Man

By sparklylittlereddevil, Jyoyo, Japan

I’ve got to get out of these clothes—fast.
In twenty seconds my space-pod is going to crash into Alpha-D-Zet, a small satellite orbiting the Fr8a planetoid. In sixteen seconds, the emergency escape options of this emergency escape pod are going to pop into place, trapping me in an air-tight, oxygen-infused bubble-wrap which will keep me frozen in my position, bobbing around like a balloon swaying at the end of a child’s string. I will be unable to do anything but breathe while wrapped in the bubble-wrap; my basic humanoid needs, such as food or water will be stripped to base nutrients and fed to me through the pores in my skin. Additionally, my excrement will be absorbed through the soft, porous material of the bubble-wrap and recycled into rich minerals which will eventually be used as emergency food supply if no one happens to find me in three days.

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