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How Bitterly Sweet?

By Akmal_Knight, Dalby, Australia

a. Do you know where we are going?
B. somewhere special
a. What do you mean by special?
B. you'll find out in a few minutes.
a. How far are we?
B. Hm... A far way.
a. (laugh) We've been running for ages!
B. Only for a few minutes.
a. It's been an hour! Listen, can we please stop (slows down to a walk and tries to catch breathe).
B. (turns around and grabs a's hand) It's only been twenty minutes. Come on we haven't got far to go. You're going to be in awe when we get there.
a. But this place is already beautiful enough isn't it?
B. I want things to be perfect.
a. Define perfect.
B. (grabs out phone) Have no reception, I can't look it -

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