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I Live Within The Yellow Old Leaf

Nashia A., Dhaka, Bangladesh By livingparadox, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Succeeding in a quest to define myself
I met a falling leaf
And I knew I be alive within it
For I was never destined to be the soft green leaves
But the shedding yellow
That is content with the adequate sunlight it has absorbed
That has lapped beautiful birds which abandoned her after the rain
Because they were unaware of how hard goodbyes are
And I knew I live within the yellow old leaf
For she shall be forgotten soon and her graceful moves in the air
Will be the only thing the greens must envy
She shall not let you breathe by the share of her photosynthesis
Nor she shall invite the tiniest branch to allow her to hide
From the raindrops
Who think she is too ugly to rest over
Because by now, she is useless
For she can no longer carry the night breeze to the lovers
Who will make love under this tree.

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