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The Cat

By Tazzi, Wheaton, IL

“Lexi……” I called over my shoulder to where my sister was sitting in the family room, listening to her music and pointedly ignoring me. “Lex…..” I chimed again, feeling slightly annoyed. Still, there was no reply. Finally, frustrated and exasperated, I shouted “Lexi, will you take those damn things out of your ears!”
From the other room she yelled “Yes I heard you the first time.” and walked into the kitchen, with her outrageously expensive head phones resting around her neck like an elegant, chrome necklace. “You don’t need to yell.” She said with a scowl.
Behind me, the microwave buzzed and I spun around to grab our dinner. Opening the microwave door I smiled and inhaled deeply. Mmmmm instant burrito bowls, by far the best thing I could make in under five minutes.

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