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Set Me Free

By Alexandrathepoet, Leesville, SC

I’m about to turn 16 Lord, and I’m so amazed,
at all the wondrous things you’ve done for me.
You sent your son to be captured and crucified,
Just to let the sinners free.
And even though I’m so unworthy Lord,
you’ve promised to be there forever.
And I can’t compare to you in any way...
but you want us to spend eternity together.
God I see your hands at work each and every day,
you answer prayers and grant me grace.
And while this world has many obstacles,
your love, Lord, makes them so much easier to face.
I feel like I’m surrounded by something wonderful,
something much, much bigger than mankind,
And God I know it’s you I’m feeling,
Lord, you’re always on my mind.

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