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Youth In Revolt by C.D. Payne This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By ToothlessScottishGnome, Atlanta, GA

Nowadays, it seems like the reading material available to young adults is limited to only a few scant subjects: romance, the supernatural, and supernatural romance. C.D. Payne’s debut novel, Youth in Revolt, offers a welcome and refreshing respite from brooding werewolves and shadowy forests to look at the more comical side of teen angst.

Youth in Revolt is the story of mild-mannered 14 year-old nobody Nick Twisp, who lives in suburban Oakland with his overbearing mother and her slacker boyfriend, Jerry. On a vacation to the boonies, he meets the stunningly beautiful, scathingly intelligent Sheeni Saunders. As romance blossoms, Sheeni encourages Nick to abandon his average, mediocre life and “be bad. Be very bad.” Nick takes Sheeni’s advice to heart, and after a series of wild misadventures involving several ugly canines, a scholarship to study in India, and his mother’s ancient camping trailer, he finds himself on the run, pursued by the police, the FBI and his angry friends and parents.

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