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Don't Be Afraid

By musicfan, South Holland, IL

Suddenly, he stopped, arrow nocked in his bow, hand ready to release and kill, sober green eyes boring into mine, filled with curiosity. I could feel hesitation radiating off of his robust body as he stood his ground, not making a move to shoot or run away, away from the forest my family was hidden in.

“Please,” I begged, because then I thought me begging would help, then I didn’t know the sound of my voice would make the man in front of me pull back the bowstring.

I couldn’t scream. If I screamed I would have alerted my enclave, my family. There were too many Trackers for us to protect each other. At least one of us would have died, would have felt the beating of a heart slow to a stop, would have turned to dust before seeing the light we heard the humans talk of.

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