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Prometheus' Individuality

By malaikah, Chapel Hill, NC

In Prometheus’ monotonous City, every action of every person is dictated by the controlling government, called the Council, in an attempt to carry out the flawed idea that complete discipline and equality leads to complete happiness. Prometheus’ romantic love for the Golden One, his craving for knowledge, and his desire to be free and strong-willed are all acts of rebellion against the Council and the regimented order of the society in which he lives. The Council sees his rebellion as a huge threat to its fragile balance of order, and tries to show these acts in the most negative light possible. While people today display their differences proudly, for Prometheus the very act of being different, in any way, from his brothers goes against the foundation of the entire society: that “all men must be alike” (19). People acting out against the laws that forbid singularity would ruin the careful setup of his City; thus the council sees him as a threat to the oblivious citizens.

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