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Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting

By mrittmritt77, Ann Arbor, MI

The facts: On Sunday morning August 5th, a Sikh gurudwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin was attacked by 40-year old Wade Michael Page. Six people were killed and others wounded.

My thoughts: Wade Michael Page reportedly mistook the Sikh place of worship for a Muslim place of worship. Sikhs are often mistaken for Muslims because of their dark skin, beards and traditional turbans. Aside from the fact that the temple was clearly labeled as Sikh, I strongly believe that even if Page had gotten his facts straight and attacked a Muslim temple, it would still be a disgusting act of domestic terrorism. Page, a member of a white supremacist group, was said to have had a 9-11 tattoo on one arm. This leads me to believe that Page, amongst many fellow Americans had strongly and deeply felt the loss of many Americans in the attacks on New York City and Washington D.

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