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War of The World Chapter 1 Draft 3

By AlexEvansTM, Lansing, MI

An earsplitting-crack shattered the peaceful summer morning. The falling snow wavered nervously before continuing its descent. The sun peeked above the horizon before it even dared take another step across the dark blue sky.

I felt my ears pop. They hurt, but I didn’t dare complain with the High General Sitting less than three meters behind me. One wrong move and I would lose my chance at revenge. I slid back the bolt and a hot brass shell ejected from the chamber, a trail of wispy smoke trailing behind it, disappearing as it landed into the pile of snow below.

Carefully, I slid the next long, bullet into the chamber, pushed the bolt back into place and loaded it. I positioned my eye in the scope, forcing it to stay open. I hadn’t gotten much sleep; too much was riding on this for me to get a decent sleep.

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