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Princess Eugenie

By Regina_Chen, Oakland twp., MI

A knock sounds on my door and I reluctantly close my book. As I look through the peep hole I see my friend Matt and his comically magnified head. I open the door before attempting to shut it. Unfortunately, the rather large boot Matt had stuck in my door frame allowed him enough leverage to pry the door open. The huge animal crate he had hidden from the view of my trusty peep hole is in his hands and I stare at it as if my glares could will it to disappear.

“No.”Nonononononononono. Matt raises one eyebrow, as if daring me to challenge him.
The fact that he brought his beloved cat to my house means that he’s exhausted all of his other options. Griping about my lack of compassion and affinity for living things is one of his favorite pastimes. His girlfriend Emma hates the cat more than I do, so, when she moved in, she made it clear that it was the cat, or her.

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