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I Loved You So

By SaraBearxo, Haddam, CT

The bright color of his eyes,
The way they stare into mine,
What was he thinking then?
When he broke the walls,
And built them again?

The color of the old sky,
Now unbearable to my eyes,
What was he thinking then?
My perfectly good heart,
Thrown into the lion’s den.

The color of my blood,
My world engulfed in a flood,
Why did he do it?
Why did he take what was left,
And screwier it?

The color of his eyes,
Sour as a lime,
What was I thinking when,
I gave him my heart,
What was I thinking then?

So with whatever’s left, in my tattered soul,
The one thing I still know,
Is I loved you so.

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