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Our future- dead and dark

By Nelu96, Windhoek, Namibia

Did you press on a light switch last night? Did you have the privilege of seeing color and beauty despite the blackness of the night? Now imagine all artificial lights blown out in one frightful second and half of the world plunged into deep impenetrable darkness. Picture yourself trapped in a freezing building with no cell phone, computer or television to comfort you and no way of escaping. All electrical noise hushed. What if I tell you that could really happen in the next couple of years? Our energy resources are shrinking into nothingness at an escalating rate. Unless we develop new methods to sustain ourselves, a global energy crisis would be inevitable.

Energy is the foundation of our existence on planet Earth. We rely on energy to put nourishment on our tongues, to live with comfort and convenience in our homes, to cover miles of travelling and many other tasks.

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