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Invisible Children This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Aiden C, Verona, WI

A push. A shove. A rumor. An ­insult. A taunt. A demand for lunch money. A nasty Facebook message. Bullying has always been an ­inseparable part of the classroom, the playground, the school bus, the Internet, and just about everywhere children come in contact with each other. But bullying alone is not what is turning more and more children into depression and suicide statistics. In fact, it’s only half the ­problem.

Adults long removed from the happenings of the schoolyard have forgotten, or perhaps never noticed, that it isn’t the original insult or rumor or shove that causes children so much emotional pain. It’s the feeling of isolation that results from these petty acts that wounds them so badly. The horrible feeling of being alone has the power to tear children to shreds, to turn them into an empty shell without hope.

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