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It's Time to Act

Eleanora V., Holliston, MA By Evos96, Holliston, MA

The earth is alive. The earth is rich. The earth provides us with everything. Everything we need to sustain life. This grand mother is the protector with her mountains, the healer with her plants, and the goddess with her beauty. She's here, giving us everything she has and asking for nothing in return. Until now. Now she asks for mercy. Mercy from the pure torture she is enduring due to the humans she is infected by. We are taking too much, using too much, and killing too much. So much that the grand mother herself cannot remake that what is lost in the time given to her. Earth is tired. She is tired of all the smoke from our machines, all the drills penetrating her surface, all the poison in her water and all the hate in the world. The earth is dying. Humans.. WE are killing her and few care! Let's all imagine what we would do without the clean water she puts in our glasses, what we would do without all the beautiful trees filtering our air, what we would do without our atmosphere!

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