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Stephanie D., Pleasant Prairie, WI By VandalSpirit, Pleasant Prairie, WI

I remember yelling at my mom, not just a little but a lot. Changing churches wasn't on my list of "must-do's" or my dry erase board of agendas. I was comfortable in my old church, in my old crowd of people who barely talked to me anyway. It was considered unfair of my mother to do this to me, not even letting me say goodbye. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t been leaving someone special behind. I wanted to stay wrapped up in my little corner of normalcy and was adamant in my ways; we would be going back to Life Church. Northbridge Church certainly wasn't permanent.

Back then, I was the average teenager, in that stage of rebellion against their parents. Less than a week before, I had told my parents about dating a guy from the youth group at Life Church.

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